Saturday, February 14, 2009

Suprise weight loss

Well I weighed myself this morning and was I ever suprised. The scale said I weighed 261 . Now I know that can't be right in a weeks time. So going to wait and weigh again Monday. It may be because I hadn't gotten dressed yet when I weighed , so Monday I will get dressed first. But I am sure hoping I did lose weight. As I have tried most of the week. A couple days I ate fast food so not sure exactly how much effect that will have on my weight loss. I do know that I won't be eating any fast food this next week.


Jazzy Peggy said...

Best wishes for a good number on the scales on Monday!

Losing Myself said...

Good job on the loss, I hope that it is still there on Monday.

Goofy Gramma said...

Love those nice surprises! Got my fingers crossed for a good number tomorrow!

jm46 said...

Good luck on the weight loss. I usually always weigh nude as clothes and shoes do add the pounds. I have only lost 3lbs but slowly and surely the weight will come off
Hugs and Prayers