Monday, February 9, 2009

A Good day

Today has been a good day. I had to go get my physical which I dreaded but I did it. Then I went and got new windshield wipers at the car dealers and had them put on. After that I went to Bob Evans and bought a Pecan, Cranberry Salad with some cherry bread for lunch. I hadn't ate all day since I had to fast for the lab work so it was around 2 in the afternoon and I was hungery. I did get the dinner salad and it has grilled chicken in it so it was very filling. Then I took a nap LOL as I was exhausted . Later on I ate some popcorn for a snack but now I need to find me something for dinner. I have did good with my lunch so hope I can do as good for dinner.
Oh my goodness where has the time gone? I just realized what time it is. A little late for eating a full dinner. I just may fix a bologna sandwich or hamburger.
I wanted to exercise today but didn't get to go to the Fitness Center like I wanted. But hope I can go Wednesday with my friends. They go every Mon., Wed., and Fridays and I was going with them till so much started happening. Then the weather was cold and bad and no way was I going then. I broke the band on my exercise bar to the body plus exercise tape I was doing. So need to get a new one so have to buy another Body Plus exercse set. But I want the cd this time and a friend in kentucky said she would sell me hers for $10.00. I can hardly wait to get it. As all the exercises except 1 are done sitting down and it really really works. I had used it a couple years ago and started losing inches and it really showed in my lower abs and belly. It only took about 15 to 20 minutes to do. I definately need to start that program again. Anyway, today went good as I got done what I had planned except for the exercise and I ate well. Now all I got to do is keep it up.


Losing Myself said...

Good job. You can do it! Keep exercising and keep praying.

Jazzy Peggy said...

One day at a time, and you started with a great day!