Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks everyone for all your wishes of good luck for my weight loss. Well I did it. I lost 4.5 pounds if I can believe my scale. Which I am going to accept. Now back to work on losing some more weight.Though it might be a little problem as I ended up having some coffee and peach upside down cake I made yesterday for breakfast today. But planning on exercising today so that should burn up the calories.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Suprise weight loss

Well I weighed myself this morning and was I ever suprised. The scale said I weighed 261 . Now I know that can't be right in a weeks time. So going to wait and weigh again Monday. It may be because I hadn't gotten dressed yet when I weighed , so Monday I will get dressed first. But I am sure hoping I did lose weight. As I have tried most of the week. A couple days I ate fast food so not sure exactly how much effect that will have on my weight loss. I do know that I won't be eating any fast food this next week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Am Doing It

So far I have 2 days into the week where I have watched what I ate and exercised. Today it is a rainy cloudy day and my joints ache but am going to see what I can do about exercising anyway. I didn't get up till noon so I haven't ate anything yet but drank coffee and that's no good. So I need to get off here and go eat something and drink some water.
I have posted my weight for the challenge but haven't heard form anyone else. If you are still doing this challenge please leave your weight in a comment so I can add it to the challenge on the left.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Good day

Today has been a good day. I had to go get my physical which I dreaded but I did it. Then I went and got new windshield wipers at the car dealers and had them put on. After that I went to Bob Evans and bought a Pecan, Cranberry Salad with some cherry bread for lunch. I hadn't ate all day since I had to fast for the lab work so it was around 2 in the afternoon and I was hungery. I did get the dinner salad and it has grilled chicken in it so it was very filling. Then I took a nap LOL as I was exhausted . Later on I ate some popcorn for a snack but now I need to find me something for dinner. I have did good with my lunch so hope I can do as good for dinner.
Oh my goodness where has the time gone? I just realized what time it is. A little late for eating a full dinner. I just may fix a bologna sandwich or hamburger.
I wanted to exercise today but didn't get to go to the Fitness Center like I wanted. But hope I can go Wednesday with my friends. They go every Mon., Wed., and Fridays and I was going with them till so much started happening. Then the weather was cold and bad and no way was I going then. I broke the band on my exercise bar to the body plus exercise tape I was doing. So need to get a new one so have to buy another Body Plus exercse set. But I want the cd this time and a friend in kentucky said she would sell me hers for $10.00. I can hardly wait to get it. As all the exercises except 1 are done sitting down and it really really works. I had used it a couple years ago and started losing inches and it really showed in my lower abs and belly. It only took about 15 to 20 minutes to do. I definately need to start that program again. Anyway, today went good as I got done what I had planned except for the exercise and I ate well. Now all I got to do is keep it up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Found the Wendie Plan and posted it; as you may have seen on the side here.I am going to sit down Tuesday and figure up my points for yesterday and today then see where I am going to start at. Depends on what my points are. lolAnyway my food today consisted of

breakfast - 2 coffee 8 pts, 2 bread 2 pts, mayo 1 pt, 2 slicheese 2 pts, turkey ham 6 pts
lunch orange 1 pt
dinner frozen meal 7 pts
snack 4 choc chip cookies 6 pts
total about 33 points I think
water 30 ozs

Weighing In

I weighed myself this afternoon and I had a 4 pound gain this past month. :'( crying. But this is a new month and like I wrote previously I am starting anew so I am not going to worry about it or whine as that won't do me any good. Like this quote I saw.
"If We Could Lose Weight by WHINING, We Would All be SKELETONS" - Dr. Phil
I drank some coffee this morning and found out the 2 cups of coffee was 8 points. Whew! A lot of points but it is the vanilla flavored instant and I am the only one who drinks it. So I am going to have to do some serious math to stay in my point allowence if I want to drink that coffee. I am going to wait until this evening to post my food for the day. Just wanted to get on here and post my weigh in for the month for the challenge on the left. Let me know your weight and I will get that posted for you too when I come back. Meantime I need to get off here and vaccuum my floors.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Food

Okay guess I will go on and write what I had today.

Breakfast was just a cup of hot chocolate - 1 pt.

Lunch 2 pimento spread sandwichs - 12 pts

Dinner - 3 barbequed chicken wings - ? pts
1 serv. onion rings - 4 pts
cabbage - 0 pts
okra - 1 pt
smal corn on cob - 2 pts.

Snack M&M candy - 5 pts.
orange - 1 pt

Gives me a total of 27 pts without the points for the wings. So I know I have went over my points. I still haven't found out my W.W. points yet. But with the way these points added up I just may do the Wendys plan. As you have some high days and some low. Basically she figures the extra 35 weekly points from WW into the week.
This does keep you from reaching a plateau in your weight loss as your body doesn't know what to expect since everyday you are not giving it the same amount. I will need to find her point system for a person my weight too. So no matter which one I follow I need to get my daily point allowence.
So far I have drank 32 ozs. of water today and hope to get in another 16 before going to bed.
I did weigh myself this morning but had a suit on and my shoes , so weighed again awhile ago without my shoes and suit jacket and the scale said I weighed more tonight than I did earlier. So I am going to weigh myself again in the morning and then I will post my weight.I hope the weather is better tomorrow as I want to go back to the fitness center and do some type of exercise.
Summer is not that far off and I do want to be able to get around better without so much pain and look better too. My knees are messed up and carrying all this excess weight doesn't help. Cause not only my knees but my legs hurt when I stand. I am going to do the joy of weight loss plan too on believers. net so with that also controling my food better and if possible some type of exercise it can happen. And with the Lords help I know I can succeed.