Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Plan

Yesterday I took my measurements and was I shocked. I always said I was big or sometimes I would admit I was fat and really didn't have that much of a problem with that word. But after my measurements I had to face the fact that hey I am not just fat but I am concidered obese. And believe me I hate that word. As it makes me think of a fat lady at the circus. Who people thought was a freak , laughed and made fun of. I do not like the idea of my becoming that person. So have decided to do something about it.
I have came up with a plan for losing weight. I have decided to rejoin weight watchers , but which one of their programs I am going to follow I am not sure yet. I also am going to start back going to the womens fitness center three days a week. There I can use the different machines they have and also do water aerobics. I have already started doing the Greer Childers Body Flex Plus exercises here at home. I am going to try and do them every morning the first thing before having my coffee. And will be praying for the Lords help in losing the weight and Thanking Him. Cause I already know without including Him in my plan I will fail again. I have tried so many times to do it on my own but always quit. I lose motivation and always yield to temptation to overeat or eat things I shouldn't. I have a whole lot of weight to lose and with the Lord's help I will lose what I need to safely.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Last night I ate what I had said I would except instead of the bologna sandwich I had 2 slices bologna and 8 saltine crackers with a cup of macaroni salad for my lunch. Then later on that night I was tempted and gave in to a bowl of vanilla ice cream and 8 fudge stiped cookies. I wish I had left that alone as it didn't taste as good as I thought it would. So I don't have to worry about eating anymore of that.
My eating is off today. I didn't eat anything till around 3:30 this afternoon and I had a Our Hero Philly Steak 12 inch sub and a coke. I haven't ate anything else today and need to go find me something to else to eat. I cleaned my kitchen up and I really don't want to mess it up again. But my hubby hasn't ate yet as he had went to dialysis so have to fix him something. I do have some greens, fried corn and smoked turkey leg left. I just may heat that up for dinner unless he wants something else. If he does I will probably make a sandwich. Everything is up in the air right now but I will let you know tomorrow what I had to eat. I Have drank 32 ounces of water so far and will get some more before the night is over. I wanted to try and drink at least 48 ounces of water so guess I will make it today.
Peggy has started a group on Yuku and I joined it and just love it. It has everything. a different place if you are trying to lose weight , exercise, psp, get your home cleaned, a chapel, games and even a general postings.
The link is if you would like to check it out. I am going to be doing a lot of challenges to lose weight there too. But I will still be posting here on my blog .

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Congratulations! to all who made the decision to really lose weight and signed up for the challenge. I seen where Weight Watchers is a plan that was being used. I don't know what other diet plans are being used. I used to belong to WW and quit as I joined a womens fitness center and I got weighed and measured there so didn't see any sense in paying for both. But I did recieve a card yesterday from WW inviting me to rejoin . They say they are introducing a new program called, " Momentum". Does anyone know what that one is about? I am tempted to go join WW again ( for the upteenth time) and try it. I really hate measuring food and the other plan they had I didn't really like. The points worked better for me just got tired of weighing & measuring. I tried South Beach and liked it but I got tired of eating on that one, believe it or not. Seemed like I was eating all the time but I lost weight. When I went to Tennessee one year for the 4th to my in-laws celebration they talked me into eating and I never was able to get back on SB since. My weight has been yo- yoing up and down ever since. I so wish I could reach 250 I have gotten almost there 252 but gained back. I think if I could reach 250 that would be my breaking point or whatever you call it. As I think once I got there I would then really start losing my weight. That would be a great motivator for me
Okay now since we are all going to lose weight this time around. What are your plans to lose it? What are you going to do different if anything? Start thinking about it. I am going to do that and will be posting mine soon. Then if you like you can tell me yours.
Well this morning I ate a bowl of cheerios with 2% milk. Will have a bologna sandwich ,ice tea and maybe popcorn. Dinner I am fixing baked chicken, veggies and rice. At least that is what I am planning on fixing right now. Got to get my water in too for the day so guess I will get a glass now.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today I have been drinking water. I haven't drank any hardly at all for awhile. Been drinking ice tea or pop. Even drank a shake one night. My son and his friends drank up my pop and that is the main reason I got myself a 32 oz glass of ice water. LOL. Now all I need to do is not buy any more pop to have here at home and I will get back into the habit of drinking water. But I do think I am going to have to buy some of the flavors to put in it. As it doesn't taste all that good to me now.
Here it is almost 5:00 in the evening and I haven't ate anything but 3 pks of instant oats this morning and a cup of coffee. I think I am going into the kitchen and heat myself up something to eat. I have some red cabbage, a turkey loaf, mustard greens cooked with smoked turkey legs , fried corn and some macaroni salad. left overs in my frig. Got some cole slaw too but I am not going to eat any of that. I think I may need to toss it. I will see as if it is good I may use it on a sandwich later on.
Now what do you think I have all this food in the frig and it is good but I have been thinking about getting some tacos or pizza . But not going to do that at least tonight, now tomorrow it may be a different story.

Interested In A Challenge

I am starting a weight loss challenge called The New Year New You Challenge. It will run from January 5 through March 30. I am not setting any certain amount of weight to lose. You can set your own goal or just see how much you can lose in 12 weeks. Let's fool ourselves and everyone else on April Fools day by losing weight. If you are interested in the New Year New You Challenge please leave your name and starting weight as a comment on this message. I will add them to the post on the left.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My New Blog

I just started my new blog. If you would like to follow it I have put it on my blog list. It is called A RollerCoaster .

Redoing My Blog

Okay this blog was supposed to have been about my struggles with losing weight. Seems like it has started just being about everything but how I am doing with my weight lose. So I have decided other than maybe some everyday chit chat I am going to start posting about what I am eating, weighing, exercing and the temptations that come my way. I also want to start posting what motivates me and what I am thinking. I think I just may include some recipes in case anyone would like to try them. In other words this will just be about my struggle to lose weight . This will soon be a New Year and so I will start right now focusing on what I hope to achieve during the year.
As far as what other things going on in my life and thoughtss about that; I am going to start another blog. If anyone will be interested in it I will post the link to it when I get it done.
Meantime have a good weekend.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's A Blue Christmas

Well it looks like it will be a blue Christmas for us. My son's fiancee and him were having problems and she found someone else. She went and stayed with her Mother and Sister then decided she wanted to move back into the apartment she lived in with my son. He said as long as his name was on the lease he wasn't leaving. So she got a protection order against him which required him to move out and his name being taken off the lease.That is no big thing with the exception it also doesn't allow him to see his son. And since he is living back at home now we will not get to see our grandson to give him his presents either. At least till afiter the court date in January. So I made a appointment with a lawyer for us to see what can be done. The only good thing about our Christmas this year is that Roscoe is home and no longer in the hospital. And too, Roscoe has a sister his family or him have not seen or heard from in about 20 years came home and seen her sisters and asked about him. So maybe she will call or come to Ohio to see him. But that was some good news that she did go home and seen the family.
My car I found out , is not going to be totaled. But I have to pay a $500.00 deductuble and it won't be fixed till sometime in January. They said they have yet to order the parts and then when they get them it will take 10 days to fix it. If I hadn't mentioned it, my car was hit while parked in front of my house one night last week.. I didn't have a rental car on the policy so would have had to rent one on my own . We couldn't afford $215.00 a week so didn't get one. I have to drive our van and it is cold as there is no heat unless our son takes us.

We are a little down now but we are still moving ahead even if it is only a crawl. Things I pray will get bettter andeverything will work out for the good.
Meantime as to my getting sexier, not too sure right now. LOL But still the light of hope burns. I am watching what I eat more carefully. Yesterday I tried 3 new recipes in the renal cookbook and I kinda liked them. I had better, (smiles) as that is what we are eating today too. I fixed a turkey loaf, macaroni salad and red cabbage /w cranberries and apples. The turkey loaf was alright but wished I had left the carrots out of the macaroni salad and maybe added a touch of sugar. The cabbage was delicious, I loved it. Fresh cranberries, apples, red cabbage , heat brown sugar, butter, vinegar and red wine pour over the cabbage mix and cook for about 30 to 45 minutes.
I had 3 pre cooked turkey sausage links, the egg substitutre your pour out of a carton, and 2 slices of toast /w margerine and apple butter. This was around noon or 1 o'clock. Now I am drinking a cappichino. For my lunch I am going to have a sandwich , diet soda and maybe some popcorn. Dinner will be what I had yesterday. Tonight I may eat some grapes for a snack . Anyway as you see I am not on a diet but I don't think I am doing too bad as far as my meals are going right now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Brrrr ! It's Cold

Well for a update. Roscoe came home from the hospital yesterday. But he is on oxygen now and not allowed to go upstairs at least for the time being. He had a lot of medicines that he was supposed to take that they hadn't gave him prescriptions for. So the home health care nurse came by and called his doctor and then went on and called in the prescriptions for me. So this afternoon our son drove our van and took me to get the prescriptions , buy some Christmas presents and some groceries. I had my gloves on but still my hands got cold. There was no heat in the van , it wasn't working and we got so cold. This weather is terribly cold right now. I don't remember when it has been this cold here. Tomorrow I got to take Roscoe to the dialysis center so going to have to see if I can get him a ride or borrow someones car. Unless we can get our sons car started then I can get his sticker for the license tag and then drive his car.Now that sounds like a plan, it sure beats renting a car. I called about that and they wanted as much for a weeks rent as a car payment .
Had toast and coffee for breakfast, no lunch , and then for dinner I fixed some shrimp stir fry and cole slaw. Ate a pudding cup and 3 graham grackers for a snack.. That was my food for the day. So didn't do bad at all. I am trying to eat better and less. But then come Christmas I am going to have a big meal.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What Else?

What else can happen? I sure hope nothing does. Someone hit my car last night while it was parked in front of my house. And to top it off I thought I had free car rental in the case of a accident since I had full coverage on my car. No such luck it was extra and for some reason I hadn't added it to my coverage. And they told me towing was not included either. My licence tag needed to be renewed as it expired on my birthday so I need to get that today too. My hubby thought he would get out of the hospital today but his blood pressure has been low so they are keeping him another day. Tomorrow they are going to do some more tests. Guess my year was too good so everything piled up and is happening now at the end of the year. I sure hope things are going to get better and next year will be a good year for us.
Now as far as my eating goes. I had fish & shrimp meal from Long John Silvers last night. Today I haven't had anything yet except just got through eating a apple. Am not sure what I will eat as of yet . I am hungry so it just very well be fast food for me.
I am waiting on the man to come tow my car then got to go get my tags,go get something to eat and go to the hospital to see my hubby. But for now all I can do is hurry up and wait. And I am very impatient as when I need or want something I want it done right now.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am Home Today

I came home from the hospital last night around midnight as I couldn't sleep in the chair. My hubby had to have dialysis this morning and I knew he wouldn't be back in his room till noon anyway. But after being here at home (it was nice sleeping in my bed) I think I will stay home today and just talk to my hubby on the phone. He seems to be doing alright and I am hoping he will get to come home tomorrow. I need to get some things done here at home anyway first. My son and his fiancee broke up so he moved most of his stuff back home last night and my rooms are piled up right now with his furniture and stuff. We have no basement or garage so I have to figure out where to put his stuff and arrange things.
I haven't ate anything as of yet for the day just had one cup of coffee, but am going to fix me some creamed eggs and toast or bisquits. Then later on I want to sit down go through some recipes and make a grocery list as I do need to go to the store.Was reading some things on others blogs this morning and commented on them. But they made me do some thinking not only about Christmas but about eating.
I may not have decorated or did any shopping yet but am not worried about it. My Christmas will be blessed to have Roscoe home , a good dinner and seeing or hearing from our loved ones.Others have done a lot of decorating and I can enjoy seeing the different decorations in the neighborhood and around town.
And that losing weight takes persisitance , commentment and dedication. To lose weight I will have to make it up in my mind this is what I want to do . And continue with my weight loss plan no matter any temptation, knowing that I can have more of the foods I like but the next day not second helpings that meal. And that if I do want something I really enjoy but is a trigger food to ask myself can I have a bite and leave it alone . Then if yes then it is okay to have a piece or bite but if the answer is no then I must say no , stay focused on my goal and be persistant with my plan to lose weight. Dedicate myself to following it as I have made a commitment to myself to lose weight. Boy writing this is so easy but I know it is hard work. With the Lord's help I can do it and so can you. I can do ALL THINGS in Christ , Who strengthens me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Am So Tired

I have been staying at the hospital with my hubby and I am so tired. I came home today so I could get some sleep as staying in the hospital I haven't been able to sleep. They didn't have the chair for me to use that lets out into a bed. So have to sit up all night but my hubby hasn't been sleeping either even when they gave him a sleeping pill. Today they gave him 2 so he did finally go to sleep around 9:30 this morning so I came home. As I wrote earlier I have been eating so I am kinda worried about my weight. I am a little scared that I have gained some of it back that I lost last week. I have been really thinking about just forgetting about losing any weight and what I am eating till things settle down some. It looks like my hubby is not getting out of the hospital till Thursday.
His heart has been beating so fast they have had to give hin shots to slow it down and the company that makes the pacemaker/defibulater they put in came and checked that today to make sure it is working right. And then the surgeon came in he talked to his kidney doctor and guess they are going to put a shunt in my hubbys arm Wednesday as they believe he will have to continue having dialysis. And from what they say it takes awhile for that to heal so it can be used in the meantime they are going to continue using the one they put in his chest. When he comes home this time he will have to be on oxegen. He has been going through so much. I have been asking everyone to pray for him as I see how bad he looks and tired he feels.I wish the Lord would give the doctors the knowledge to know what medicines will help him get better.Unless the Lord grants us a miracle and completely heals him I know he won't be as active and going like he used to, but I want him feeling better and able to get around and be able to do some things again. We haven't did any Christmas decorating or shopping . And he wants to go look around and see what he can get for our grandson and I want to shop for my great grand daughter too. I so want to have a nice Christmas. The only present I want is for my hubby to be home , well on the mend and feeling good. So again if you read this please, please pray for Roscoe. Prayer does change things.
Now as to my weight I am not going to weigh myself till this week end as I don't need to be depressed about my weight too if I have gained.

Today is my birthday and I am 70 today, our sons birthday was yesterday and he was 20. We wanted to celebrate but that too is put off till Roscoe is better. There is a new buffet in town that my hubby wanted to go to so hopefully he will be well enough to go when he gets home. Then we can celebrate our birthdays by going out to eat.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stress Eating

I am messing up as I am eating again. My hubby went to the Doctor Friday as he was having trouble breathing. They called a EM squad and took him and had him admitted to the hospital again. Stayed there all night last night and came home today. And I have been sleeping and eating today. I ate scrambled eggs, toast, blueberry muffin, yogurt and coffee at the hospital. Came home and ate the apple cake I had left which was 1/4 of the dish. a frozen meat ball dinner went to sleep, woke up and ordered and ate a small Hawaian pizza, the chocolat dessert ( 4 pieces) and drank some coke then went to sleep again. Now I am awake but going to take my bath , wash and set my hair and go to bed so I can get back out to the hospital . And since I will be staying there I will be eating there cheeseburgers , frys, and pie ala mode so I know I probably will gain the weight I lost last week back. Why can't I bee like some others and not eat when I am worried and stressed? Why do I always eat? If you are reading my blog please add my hubby Roscoe to your prayers and don't forget me I need your prayers too.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

Today has been a pretty good day. I got up early for a change, took my bath, fixed breakfast, cleaned the kitchen , and feed the dogs before my hubby got up.Then later on I decided to go and fix a dessert with some apples I had frozen. I put the apples in a dish then used baking mix and made like a muffin batter and poured over the apples and let it go down between the slices. It was sooo good. I ate some with a little cream over them when they came out of the oven. I had to stop and leave them alone or I would have ate the whole dish .
I had to take my hubby to the dialysis today and then when I went and picked him up we went and got a big bufford and onion rings from Rallys. This is not diet food I know but I had been wanting one for about a week. I am glad I went and got one as it was too salty to me and I really didn't enjoy it. So now I won't be thinking about getting anymore.
This diet my hubby is on may just help me accomplish my weight loss goals. That is if I stick with it and don't make or eat too many sweets.
Tomorrow I am not sure what I will fix to eat but I know we won't be eating out. He has a doctors appointment and Will worry about what to cook when we get back home. I just may try a new recipe instead of fixing the same things all the time. Put some varitity in our meals. That is a key to dieting too as we get bored so often with dieting and eating the same foods. So I am going to start finding new and different recipes to try.
I would love to lose 6 pounds by Christmas , and hoping for 10 by the New Year. I weighed 267 on Dec 6 and will weigh again Saturday . I will post my weight each week to see how I am doing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Things Back In Order

Today has been a busy day for me. The medical supply company came and picked up the hospital bed today. So I have been moving the furniture back ( that I moved out to make room for the bed) into my living room and getting everything back the way it was. It feels so good to have my living room back where I can sit in my recliner and watch T.V. LOL I am also doing laundry as I didn't get it finished yesterday. I had so much as I hadn't did any since we (My hubby & I) were sick.
I am feeling much much better today still not completely over the cold yet but getting there. My hubby drove his self to dialysis today so he is doing better too I guess. Just still praying he can get off that though.
Today my eating wasn't good . I can do better. I had cookies with coffee this morning and some grits. Then had nothing else today but snack packs . 100 calorie pk of oreo bits , trail mix and also a pk cheese nips. Making some home made vegetable beef soup for dinner. That will help me for a few days. I am going to try and eleminate the snack packs and not eat any for the next few days. My SIL brung the bag of snack packs over the other day plus 6 frozen meals. So I can use them and the soup for my lunch and dinner.Then all I will have to do is start drinking water again. I used to drink 64 ozs. a day and got out of the habit. I used a 64oz mug I had bought and just sipped it all day. But then stopped doing it, don't know why.
There was a exercise I used to do that was easyit only took 20 minutes and it worked as I was losing my stomach but I quit doing that too. Why do I do this to myself? I say I want to lose weight and look good but when I start then I sabatogue my own self. Am I afraid to be thin and possibly scared of people might notice me? I must examine my feelings about this.
Okay I recieved a message that a friend wanted to post on my blog but couldn't . I don't know why but I changed the comment settings. So if you have tried and couldn't please try again. I will try and get the settings right.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Monday has arrived and looks like I won't be going to the Fitness Center. I got a phone call from Peggy last night telling me I shouldn't go as I would get wet and might make me sicker. She didn't want to post it here on my blog as she thought I might not read it in time.. I thought that was nice of her to call and it suprised me that she worried about me.
Today I have spent all morning sleeping and have not long gotten up. I ate 2 pks instant oats for breakfast . Did my dishes and started laundry then I ate a plain cheese sandwich, 1/2 pk snack size pretzels and a pk of trail mix with some lemonade to drink for lunch. For dinner I am fixing soup beans and corn bread. It is so hard trying to figure out what to cook anymore since my husband is taking dialysis and has to be on a renal diet, plus being a diabetic he has to follow that diet too. And the problem I am having is what he is allowed on one he is not allowed on the other. And according to his diet there is no oranges,bananas, cantalope, no tomoatoes or anything using tomato paste, sauce, ketchup, no spinach, collard, kale or turnip greens, no potatoes of any kind unless cut up and soaked for 4 hours in water before using.And I can fix him pintos occasionally but then he is only allowed 1/2 cup.Otherwise no legumes.I have to use non dairy liquid creamer instead of milk for any sauce. No brown bread only white. He is on a fluid restriction too so all gravies, puddings, jello are counted as fluid so I have to watch that too so he can have something to drink during the day. And then of course no salt or salt substitute. And sad to say the meals I am trying to fix has no taste even though I do use different herbs and spices. So no wonder I just don't care about sitting down and eating a meal just want to snack. I look at all the commercials on T.V. and I want to go out and get some of the fast food . Which wouldn't be good but I haven't as I am not getting dressed since I have been sick. But if I felt better and was dressed I would go. I was even fantazing of having a banana split last night and trying to figure out if I bought the stuff to make one how could I fix my hubby one so he could eat one too. That is soooo bad as I don't want to get to the place where I am oscessed by food.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still Not Feeling Well

Here it is Sunday and I do feel a little better finally. It has been a long week and I am so tired of being sick. Still not over tis bronchitis but I am thinking about whether or not to go to the Fitness Center and get in the steam room and sauna. Then I think about having to go out in the cold and all this snow we have. I just don't know what would be the best thing to do I know I had said I was planning on going Monday and exercising but that may be a little much right now. . I have been letting my house go and there is so much I need to do around here. My hubby is now able to go upstairs and sleep in the bed so I want to move the hospital bed out of the living room and get my furniture arranged back the way it was. He had been really sick and I have been having to take care of him even though I was sick. Some days it was really hard as I felt so bad. I also need to get my laundry done , as it is piled up. But guess I still should take it easy as I am not completely over this. I still am not eating right either. My food today consisted of coffee, 2 pkgs instant grits for breakfast. and 4 choc chip cookies. Then I had a bag microwave popcorn and a glass of sprite. Just ate a snack size container of mixed fruit. I am not sure what I will eat for dinner. I just don't have too much of a appetite so am just munching. Tomorrow I will try and do better and start posting what I eat everyday. I am not going on any particular diet just try to control and watch what I eat and resist temptation.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shocking Weight Today

Oh boy was I shocked today. . Just out of curosity I decided to check my weight so got on my scale. It said I weighed 267. That made me happy but then it scares me. I bet you are wondering why I said it scares me, well I am afraid to believe it as tomorrow it may say something else. And I do so want that to be my weight as I do want to lose. I know that it is not because of something I am doing right now. I have bronchitis and I think that may be a reason for the loss, cause I have been sick. So really haven't been eating all that much. I am hoping that I don't gain any back when I get better. Been debating with myself whether or not to weigh every day, week or once a month. Everyday I can keep a closer watch on my weight but then again weight fluctuates day to day. Then once a month seems like too long of a period I could gain a lot by then. Once a week seems like it is the best. Oh forget it guess I will weigh when I want to see what my weight is.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know I must include exercise in my weight loss program. Starting Monday I will be exercising and posting the exercises I do.

Getting Sexier

My highest weight overall was 287. after trying several diet plans I am currently weighing in at 274 pounds and need to lose a 100 of those pounds. I had went down to 254 but that was the lowest. I have been losing and gaining and it is time to stop. Dare I say I was a little sexy when younger, I know I looked good. Some say even though I have put on a lot of weight I still look good for my age. For my age , oh I hate that, so I really want to look better. I am a senior citizen but think I don't have to remain fat and look frumpy. I believe no matter the age we all can look good and dress accordingly.
So this will be about my daily struggle to lose weight, get healthier and start looking good. And I know it will be a struggle as I have tried several different diets and haven't been able to stick to any of them. I have got to take control of the foods I eat and not let food control me.